People seek legal assistance for either of two primary reasons: to help them resolve problems, or to avoid problems in the first place. Porrino Law PC has a well-documented history of effectively representing and defending the interests of Northern Californians in all matters related to family law.

Our sense of compassion guides us to refer couples to counseling if we believe that reconciliation may still be attainable. For couples who have exhausted other options, however, our expertise encompasses legal separations, divorce actions, child custody and child support, estate planning, domestic violence, and formalizing pre-marital and post-marital legal agreements. We can help you attain the most amicable solution for your marital dissolution.

Just as every person is unique, so is every legal action, and we pledge to do all we can to bring your case to a successful resolution — preferably keeping the matter outside of court, as a means to reduce stress and costs. With offices in Sacramento and the San Francisco East Bay community of Pleasant Hill, Porrino Law can help you put your life back on course.

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