Limited-Scope Representation

Porrino Law PC offers limited-scope representation services to clients who want to represent themselves in some, but not all, aspects of their family law case. Our limited-scope representation option, also known as “unbundling services,” enables clients to designate Porrino Law to perform specific functions that require legal training, including legal consultation, discovery, legal research, preparation and review of documents that the client intends to file in court, or specific phases of a case, such as child custody negotiations. We even can be at a client’s side to assist during designated appearances in court or mediation sessions.

Limited-scope representation also is an effective means for clients to help reduce their legal costs. Keep in mind that family law cases can turn unexpectedly complicated, and when they do, Porrino Law will be sufficiently versed in your case to increase our involvement to the degree necessary.

Porrino Law can tailor limited-scope representation to meet your needs and your means.

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