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Divorce and legal separation

Couples who decide they can no longer live together may seek either legal separation or divorce, which have differing legal and financial consequences. Porrino Law represents clients in both of those legal declarations.

In a legal separation, obtained through a court decree, parties come to agreement about spousal financial support, child custody and visitation, child support, division of personal and real estate property, management of shared finances, and boundaries for conduct. The couple remains legally married, however, and may not remarry while legally separated. Spouses who seek separation typically have difficulty communicating with each other, and Porrino Law can serve as a buffer while moderating the conversation and developing an amicable resolution. Separation preserves the sanctity of a marriage for religious purposes, and some people choose separation in lieu of divorce for tax purposes or to maintain health-care coverage eligibility for a spouse.

Divorce is the process of legally dissolving a marriage, after which the former spouses may remarry. Couples who seek dissolution of marriage do not necessarily have to file for legal separation first. Divorce law is complex, particularly so in California. Porrino Law can serve as your legal representative in either divorce mediation or a court-adjudicated divorce action. We have extensive experience and an excellent success record in representing clients in default, uncontested and contested divorce proceedings.

Porrino Law can attain the best, most amicable solution for your marital dissolution.

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