Legal Coaching

If you are planning to represent yourself in a family law mediation or court action, you likely can benefit from professional legal analysis of your case, and legal advice about how to prepare evidence to justify your position and how to represent yourself at hearings. Preparation is essential in legal actions of any kind. Porrino Law PC offers legal coaching services to properly prepare you to make a strong, legally compelling case, and to help you avoid making inappropriate or damaging statements.

Just as an athletic coach identifies weaknesses, helps players overcome limitations and refines their strengths, Porrino Law’s legal coaching services can sharpen your focus on what you need to avoid and what you can do to improve your chances for a favorable outcome.

Through our legal coaching service, you can gain the strategic advice, insights and basic knowledge essential to represent yourself in negotiations, mediation or family court. We can help you shape attainable goals, evaluate the validity and weaknesses of your position, and guide you in preparing to make oral presentations and written submissions.

Porrino Law also counsels clients who are considering marriage or other types of partnerships to understand their rights and obligations in determining whether a pre-marital or other property agreement would be appropriate. We also offer consulting services for clients who find they need more assistance than they initially anticipate.

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