Legal separation and divorce processes can be stressful, physically and emotionally exhausting, time-consuming — and expensive. We understand that many people who want to economize decide to represent themselves in legal proceedings. Unless you have a background in law, and specifically in family law, you’ll be entering unfamiliar territory. But you don’t have to drift there alone. Porrino Law PC offers consulting services to inform, guide and assist you to the degree you need, without appointing us your attorney of record.

You do not need to be entrenched in litigation or mediation to benefit from our assistance. For clients who hope to work out their differences and resolve their case without becoming enmeshed in court proceedings and mediation, we stand by on the sidelines. We advise them on how to assert their position, define their legal rights, and assess what would likely happen if they went to court.

Keep in mind that when you choose to represent yourself in a family law action, indicated by the phrase “in pro per” in your legal filings, you will be responsible for keeping track of all scheduled court hearings, appointments for mediation sessions or settlement conferences, and submission of paperwork to the court by assigned deadlines.

Mediation assistance

We also offer consultation to clients who are in mediation, trying to settle their case outside of court. Mediators may or may not allow attorneys in the mediation sessions. In either case, we can help clients in mediation to come to an amicable resolution. Even if attorneys are excluded from mediation sessions, we can give advice “in the background” between sessions. We give clients tips, tools and strategies to negotiate a settlement when they are in the mediation session, and help them present their case relative to the positions of the other side. Once a settlement agreement has been drafted, we review all documents before the client signs it and before it becomes a judgment to ensure that everything is in the client’s best interest. If any revisions are needed, we assist in proposing such changes to the other party and/or the mediator, and will engage in discussions with the other party, the other parties attorney, or the mediator when appropriate.

Independent assessment

Our consulting services include independent assessment and strategic advice for clients who are collaborating with their spouse or partner in drafting an agreement but who want informed legal advice before signing any binding documents.

Porrino Law is also available to counsel clients who are considering marriage or other types of partnerships to understand their rights and obligations in determining whether a pre-marital agreement or other property agreement would be appropriate. And we can assist with document preparation. You can proceed with confidence when you put Porrino Law on your side.

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