child custody AND SUPPORT

Northern California married couples who pursue legal separation or divorce proceedings, as well as unmarried partners who are raising children, must make consequential decisions about child custody, financial support, education, health-care coverage, spiritual upbringing, child visitation terms and numerous other responsibilities that couples take for granted. Matters concerning legal and physical child custody commonly become contentious between separated or divorcing couples.

Porrino Law PC takes a compassionate approach in protecting the welfare of children while safeguarding the rights of each parent we represent. We place great emphasis on preparation of our clients for all-important meetings with a child custody recommending counselor, who can wield great influence with a court in recommending custody arrangements.

Although child custody disputes can legally be resolved in California through mediation, many custody conflicts advance to trial courts. Without agreement between parents, the court will make a ruling about a parenting plan to which the parents must adhere. We have represented not only mothers and fathers, but also grandparents and other family members seeking child custody rulings — as well as men in contested paternity proceedings.

Porrino Law will represent you every step of the way with the goal of achieving an agreement between the parents, and will diligently apply the full force of our legal knowledge toward attaining what you believe is best for your child.

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