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I first met Dominic as a referral from a friend when I was separating from my now ex-husband. It was a very stressful and scary time and from the beginning Dominic made me feel heard and safe. He was always honest and professional when answering my myriad of questions and thoughtful and calm while helping me navigate the uncertainty and fear that the process of getting a divorce brings up. He worked hard with me, often after normal business hours, to make sure everything was in place and correct for the next steps of the process. I especially appreciated his kind, solid presence during court appearances when I had to be face to face with my ex. My ex and I are friends again and I truly believe that is in no small part due to Dominic's deft handling of our divorce. Recently I went back to Porrino Law for estate planning and they were thorough and well priced compared to other law firms I looked into. It is comforting to know that if any legal issues should arise for my family in the future we have Dominic as a trusted resource to call upon.”


"This is a long time coming to compliment Dominic Porrino and all the incredible and professional staff at Porrino Law. I absolutely appreciate the attention and professionalism and sense of urgency I have been given at any issue in my divorce and ultimately all my trusts. I would not go anywhere else and feel so grateful that I have been treated with so much respect and that Porrino Law has been given so much attention to detail on very hard issues. Thank you.”


"Dominic Porrino was referred to me several months ago to help with a very sensitive and complicated legal matter. I have found Mr. Porrino's insight, integrity, knowledge and understanding to be invaluable with regard to my case. His services are absolutely outstanding, from Case Preparation to Court Hearings, Client Communication to Billing, Dominic has proved himself to be conscientious and meticulous on every level. He has never overlooked the small details when it has come to representing me, whether it is a telephone call or a Court Hearing. Dominic's aptitude and diligence, warmth and sincerity have raised the bar for me when looking for qualities in a Lawyer."


"His demeanor is always professional and his heart is one of the biggest that I know. The way in which he gets into the case is amazing, that is because his heart is so big and he fights for what is right and what he believes in!!!! As a client of his he has been available to me whenever I had any questions even if they were silly questions, he was always right there for me."


"Thanks for keeping the hope of a new, calm and peaceful life alive,..." [I feel] my own self [that] I missed so much coming back to me. It means more than you could ever know. I am eternally grateful."


"I had heard so many horrible things about attorneys in the past that were all proven wrong after having Mr. Porrino as my attorney. One thing in particular that I appreciated was that he did not nickel and dime me. My aunt went through a divorce and felt that she was ripped off by her attorney. I feel lucky that I got the quality of services I did for a price that I thought was very fair."


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