Domestic Violence

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or whether you have been accused of violence against a loved one, Porrino Law PC can help you make certain you receive all the protections to which you are entitled under California law. In our state, a charge of domestic violence does not necessarily require physical contact, and it can apply not only among spouses but also can involve people who are any of the following:

• married or registered domestic partners
• divorced or separated
• dating or previously dated
• living together or previously lived together
• parents together of a child
• closely related, including parents, children, siblings, grandparents or in-laws

Under the California Penal Code, intention to cause physical harm qualifies as domestic violence (also known as spousal abuse). The Domestic Violence Prevention Act, which the California Legislature enacted in 1993, authorizes issuance of restraining orders for threatening violence, stalking, harassing or in some other way disturbing a person’s mental peace. Unwanted phone calls, email or text messages and unannounced visits all can constitute grounds for obtaining a restraining order.

With offices in Walnut Creek and Sacramento, Porrino Law can use various legal means, including filing for restraining orders, to shield a client against a perceived or actual threat of physical or mental abuse. False accusations of domestic violence often arise among contentious partners engaged in legal separation or divorce proceedings. We have successfully defended numerous clients to whom restraining orders were unfairly issued.

Regardless of how domestic violence may have affected you, Porrino law can help defend your rights and pursue the most favorable resolution.

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